Resistance to external application

With the innovative producing of the Italian making tile style, the texture of the Bezen tile is a homogenous melt under the temperature higher than 1300 ˚c until its surface hardness reaches level 7 which is as hard as quartz.


Durability for supporting the weight

From the process of our production license, each tile is resistant to hard pressure. It can support the weight more than 450 kg per square cm.


Guarantee of 100% anti-fungus

From the quality of production process, each tile has been passed through burning at high temperature. This helps its texture absorbing low water rate about 0.5%


Easy to clean

Bezen tile is easy to be cleaned due to the burning heat process until the texture is homogeneous melted together with the technology of nano glaze coating surface.


Guarantee all the size and colors

We always care for product quality control We guarantee the size of tiles in a box with a difference less than 1% We guarantee the harmony of the color


Long lasting beauty

Bezen exterior tile can withstand all impact on its externality. It is resistant to scratching of up to level 4 which is the highest standard level. It is also resistant to high PH condition without changing its form and durable for UV ray exposure.